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The story

Ilana Cameron: Roaster/Owner

Lark began because of one coffee. I was on tour with my band The Oars in Victoria when I drank a cappuccino at Habit Coffee that changed the trajectory of my life forever.

I decided I needed to bring delicious coffee to my own little town, and even better I discovered that roasting coffee is my life's passion. 

- Ilana

Lark sources coffee very carefully. We look for not just delicious but the exceptional coffees that bring us joy. 

Roasting style

We have a great respect for the many hands and hearts that work to create a cup of coffee, those who grow, process, ship and so much more. We are thrilled to be a tiny part of that chain.

We roast with that in mind, and hope we can always roast respectfully and in a way that showcases the sweetness and complexity of each coffee.


Where do we get our beans? We source seasonally and with an eye on bringing delicious and delightful flavours to your cup. We buy our coffee from single farms, women-owned farms, co-ops and indigenous producers.

The coffee we buy is almost all grown organically, sometimes it is not certified. Some coffee origin countries only grow conventionally, like Kenya, in that case we would note that on the coffee description.


Contact us if you would like to pick up coffee or book a coffee tasting which we are currently hosting them in our backyard.

Located one block from downtown at: 237 11th Ave. N, Creston BC.

Open for pick-up orders only.

Phone: 250-254-1325 Email: