Free shipping on $45 or more. We source seasonal coffees, our new 2020 single origin coffees will start arriving in mid-August!

New coffees!

You might notice there are number of sold out coffees on our website right now, it's because we are waiting for some pretty exciting new crop coffees from a few different origins. 

Arriving in a couple of different batches throughout August will be: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia and El Salvador. We are always sampling and seeking so who knows what else we will find. Stay tuned.

Lark is a small-batch roastery located in Ktunaxa territory at the foothills of the Purcells in the central Kootenays.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We closed our roastery to all indoor visitors on March 13.

We love to host coffee tastings or visits outside in the back garden.

Please contact us to arrange a time. We are open Tuesday-Saturday by appointment.

Lark follows all the recommended procedures by the Specialty Coffee Association which includes hand washing and wearing a mask. Food is not a vector but we are happy to do our due diligence to be overly careful during this unprecedented time. We love you. Take care of you + yours.

Free shipping on orders of $45 or more.

In strange times one must make joy where you can find it. Our current free shipping deal is for orders of $45 or more.

We also offer many of our coffees in bulk 5 lb bags, you pay for four pounds and get five!

LOCALS ONLY: Live in town? We deliver for free or can arrange pick-up.

Roastery currently only open for pick-up orders.

Where to find us:

Some of places you can find Lark being brewed or sold:


Famous Fritz Meats & Deli

Kootenay Meadows Dairy

Morris Greenhouse

Pageboy (Gift sizes)

Pealows Independent Grocer: 

Skimmerhorn Winery Bistro: (April-October)


Le Marche Grocery


Alpine Grind Cafe: Featured roaster every two months

Coming soon:

Calgary: The Next Page

Are you a coffee shop or retailer? Your name could be here too, we have space for a few more stockists.

We also are delighted to have our coffee at: Creston Town Hall, Kootenay Employment Centre, Clear Sky Meditation Centre and Elizabeth Lake Lodge.

Roast preference:

While most of our coffees are floral, sweet and/or fruity we do have a few other options.

Darkwoods features chocolate notes and Blackbird which is our only darker roast, and  boasts a lovely bold roasty flavour while still being smooth, elegant and sweet.

Looking for the newest in season coffees on our list? New arrivals is a good bet.