Free shipping on $45 or more. We source seasonal coffees, our new 2020 single origin coffees have started to arrive, more coming throughout the fall!

New coffees!

You might notice there are number of sold out coffees on our website right now, it's because we are waiting for some pretty exciting new crop coffees from a few different origins. 

Arriving in a couple of different batches throughout the fall will be: Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and El Salvador. A couple of these coffees come from female producers and feature natural or experimental processing methods. Very excited over here! We are always sampling and seeking so who knows what else we will find. Stay tuned.

Lark is a small-batch roastery located in Ktunaxa territory at the foothills of the Purcells in the central Kootenays.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We closed our roastery to all indoor visitors on March 13.

We love to host coffee tastings or visits outside in the back garden.

Please contact us to arrange a time. We are open Tuesday-Saturday by appointment.

Lark follows all the recommended procedures by the Specialty Coffee Association which includes hand washing and wearing a mask. Food is not a vector but we are happy to do our due diligence to be overly careful during this unprecedented time. We love you. Take care of you + yours.

Free shipping on orders of $45 or more.

In strange times one must make joy where you can find it. Our current free shipping deal is for orders of $45 or more.

We also offer many of our coffees in bulk 5 lb bags, you pay for four pounds and get five!

LOCALS ONLY: Live in town? We deliver for free or can arrange pick-up.

Roastery currently only open for pick-up orders.

Where to find us:

Some of places you can find Lark being brewed or sold:


Famous Fritz Meats & Deli

Kootenay Meadows Dairy

Morris Greenhouse

Pageboy (Gift sizes)

Pealows Independent Grocer: 

Skimmerhorn Winery Bistro: (April-October)


Le Marche Grocery


Alpine Grind Cafe: Featured roaster every two months


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Hide and Seek Coffee

Are you a coffee shop or retailer? Your name could be here too, we have space for a few more stockists.

We also are delighted to have our coffee at: Creston Town Hall, Kootenay Employment Centre, Clear Sky Meditation Centre and Elizabeth Lake Lodge.

Roast preference:

While most of our coffees are floral, sweet and/or fruity we do have a few other options.

Darkwoods features chocolate notes and Blackbird which is our only darker roast, and  boasts a lovely bold roasty flavour while still being smooth, elegant and sweet.

Looking for the newest in season coffees on our list? New arrivals is a good bet.