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Mexico Red San Miguel - Andres/Rodriguez/Herrara

Mexico Red San Miguel - Andres/Rodriguez/Herrara

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Varietals: Marsellesa, Obatã, Gesha

lingonberry / black raspberry / chocolate / lemon

Traceable to: three smallholders (Mercedes Galvez Andrés, Fermin
Temoxtle Rodriguez, Bernabé Herrera)

This coffee is versatile, not only great for pout-over methods and other manual brewing methods you can also pour some gorgeous espresso shots with it that pair well with milk as well. Enjoy!

Coffee in context. Community info from the importers, Crop to Cup:

"In 2017, a group of young producers of the Nahuatl community decided to form a small group with the aim of improving their income through the renovation of coffee plantations.

Before coffee, to support their families, members would migrate each year to the border to work in agriculture—staying for months at a time to work in the fields, often receiving less pay than they were owed. By investing their savings to renovate
50-year old coffee plantations they inherited from their parents and grandparents with the rust-resistant Costa Rica 95 cultivar, these young people hoped to generate enough income to improve their quality of life and support their families without having to migrate north each year. In 2020, the group joined the equipment program by the Rural Development Secretariat, where they were able to obtain mowers, pulpers, and drying tunnels as well as participate in the field school, where they received processing training. In 2021, they participated in the Puebla of Pride quality competition for the first time. In 2022, their coffees scored among the 30 best in the competition. By 2023, this small group of young people who years ago had no knowledge of coffee production occupied 6 of the 10 best lots in the competition with coffees scoring
as high as 90.25 points.

Today, as a result of their investment in their coffee production, these young people no longer separate from their families to migrate for income.