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Mexico La Pluma
Mexico La Pluma

Mexico La Pluma

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This beautiful washed Mexican coffee from UNECAFE in the Sierra Sur area of Oaxaca, it is a another gem from that region we are happy to have on our menu for 2022.

Farm processed cherries are pulped, dry fermented for 24-30 hours and washed before drying on raised beds that are either under shade net, or built under tree shade (pine trees).

Tasting notes:

 • milk chocolate

• caramel flan

• lime

UNECAFE – Unidad Ecogica para El Sector Cafe Oaxaquenos

The group’s success is apparent – since forming in the early 90s, members have grown to have an average of 5 hectares per person, each hectare of which produces 800-1200 pounds of export grade coffee (3-4 times the average). This is due to aggressive organic practices, constant pruning, and the continual investment in new trees. This is the heart of La Pluma, and there is pride that comes with planting this specific varietal.