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Lark Coffee Club
Lark Coffee Club
Lark Coffee Club

Lark Coffee Club

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Finding those rare coffees, the ones that make your day or even make your year is what I live for as roaster and coffee buyer. This is what I've wanted to do for a while. Share the small lots, the hard to find coffees, and also some of the coffee related collaborations. I want to share my love for beauty, a club for flavour seekers and those who love surprises.

We have three kinds of Larks for our monthly club. The Little Lark, The Skylark and The Meadowlark. Join our monthly coffee club and taste the coffees that we live for, that we can spend years to find.

Shipped in the first week each month.

Order by the end of the previous month.

Examples of coffees you might get. An 87 point coffee from Mexico. A natural process single farm Colombian that tastes like a fruity Ethiopian. Anaerobic process coffees. Coffees that have never been in North America before. They will be sweet and complex.

1. The Little Lark is for you if you don't need to stock up you just want to try them out or to gift it to someone. Maybe you already have a coffee subscription somewhere else and you just want to see what this Lark coffee is all about. 

2. The Skylark is for you if who just want the coffee beans, plain and simple. Except these aren’t plain and simple coffees, they are the best, the hardest to find and the most exciting coffees we drink all year. You get 2-4 different ones, and no extras, just our favourite sweet caffeine. (Includes a minimum of 1.5 pounds of coffee).

2. The Meadowlark is the option for you if you want surprises with your coffee. We are collaborating with a local potter to make Lark tumblers for January or February, we have instant Lark in the works for December and other fun side projects.

(Includes a minimum of two pounds of coffee).

Order by November 30 for the December coffee club which will ship in the first week of December. Limited quantities. 


Gifting it? We are happy to personalize it for you.