Guatemala Osmin Cruz

Guatemala Osmin Cruz

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Almost sold out, we are down to our last few bags of this.

If you liked this coffee you will probably love our 87 point Mexican from Oaxaca, Mexico Guzman.


Guatemala is fast becoming one of our favourite coffee origins. The flavour profiles and the quality are exceptional.

The people and the country are struggling right now. Our friends at Project Somos usually run a school but have shifted to being a food bank to help the people in the area of Guatemala that they are located. They grow organic food on their property and also buy supplies using money from donations. We have decided to donate a $1 from every pound of Guatemalan coffee we buy, we just got 405 pounds from two different producers. This will roast down to less coffee due to weight loss during roasting but we'd like to donate based on the amount bought rather than sold.

This coffee tastes like heaven. Intensely floral, silky, full bodied, sweet. 

This coffee comes from the Mataquescuintla valley. It's part of the group buy organized by Drew Johnson from Bows x Arrows coffee to support farmers fighting a Canadian gold mine company in that valley. 

". . . since the end of 2010 we are in a constant struggle to defend Mother Earth from the Escobal mining project." Quelvin Jimenez (brother of a coffee producer from Mataquescuintla)

VARIETY: pache san ramón, yellow caturra
PROCESS: washed
ELEVATION: 1800masl